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Varanus Acanthurus (The Spiny Tailed Monitor)

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Monitor lizards are part of an archaic order of reptiles called "Anguimorphs." Many believe they migrated out of the South Pacific region into areas such as Africa, the middle east and Australia. Today there are over seventy known species of monitor lizards, with sizes from 8 inches to 10 feet!

The Spiny Tailed Monitor or sometimes called the "Ackie" monitor is indigenous to Australia and usually comes in red or yellow colors. Their backs are spotted and their thick tails are covered in hard, short spines, which can help them climb between narrow rocky spaces.

Recently they have developed popularity as pets due to their inquisitive nature and relatively easy care. They are also a "dwarf monitor" species, which makes them easier to care for than their larger cousins such as Nile or savanna monitors.

Ackies are intelligent lizards and they require lots of attention and care. They can be housed together as long as there aren't more than one male in the same enclosure. Anyone who has a passion for reptiles will surely appreciate the sociable and curious nature of the spiny-tailed monitor.

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