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A healthy puppy is a happy puppy. Vaccines and wellness exams are just two examples of important things that every puppy and kitten need to be healthy. At Family and Friends Veterinary Care, we offer comprehensive wellness plans called Petly Plans which are ideal for any furry friend. Petly Plans include all the routine items your pet needs every year for just a monthly fee. They also include miscellaneous services such as unlimited nail trims, lab work, and even spays and neuters. There are two options for wellness plans for kittens and puppies and three plans for adult pets, one year or older, which vary in price and included items, with platinum plans even including yearly dental cleanings for your pet. Petly Plans are excellent for pet owners who want to provide every possible health advantage to their pets. Enroll an additional pet and get twenty dollars off! Listed below are the included items in each separate wellness plan.

Wellness Pet
Best Veterinarian

Adult pets

Kitten and puppy 

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